Bookmarks and Searches

With what I have read in the documentation, I don’t think this is currently possible. I admit I haven’t tried it yet.

I would like to include searches and bookmarks without using any Toolbars and Menubars. I can toggle the left window display with Javascript.

Also because, I’m not using the Menubars, what is the name of the Nag Screen that I can call manually, along with any related screens for activation, etc., so I can include them in my menus, as needed?


To show the nag screen, use hescript://Trial.ShowNagScreen

What do you mean by include searches and bookmarks?

I want to try and disable all the tool bars and menu bars and call the search and bookmarks/favorites from my code, opening and closing the favorites window. When the EXE is compiled, I was under the assumption, that some of this code would not be included if you turned off the some of the visual features.

I will try some samples and let you know.