Bookmarks extended feature

Is there any way to bookmark words instead of the page titles. For example; use the bookmark like how adobe acrobat uses their bookmarks. Possibly highlight words to add to the bookmark.

You can still choose the name you want for bookmarks? Do you mean you want to change the default choice when you add a bookmark?

No not the default choice, ok for example lets say your publication had one page and that’s the index page, however its a long page with lots of info with various chapters and sections. I was thinking that by highlighting the words in the html page the bookmark will save the position of the word and return it to when I need. Instead of the bookmark saving the html page itself as the bookmark.

See what you meant now, thanks.
However, our rendering engine doesn’t give us a way to determiner the current position of the user in the page, so we can’t implement this functionality.

ohh…Thanks anyways. :slight_smile: