Bugs and suggestions for the next version

I’d like to concentrate on the issues and bugs I’ve discovered in the current version and offer suggestions for streamlining to the next version:
I invested thought and time in this so I would love to know what you think.

issues and bugs:

  1. Like I informed before the activation form need a right to left language fix, for example you can’t center a text in the form and you can’t center the text inside the textbox in the form.
  2. None of the online activation kit form buttons is translated
  3. None of the online activation kit messages that displayed to the end user, has a translation captions in the Sil file, so you can’t translate none of the online activation messages to the end user.
  4. It will be “nice to have” a translation caption for the “LOADING WORKBOOK” message at start up.

XlsPadlock suggestions:

  1. A checkbox that I can cancel the option for “dragging with fill handle” to the end user.
  2. Cancel only the message box of a protected sheet when the end user try to change something.
  3. As I said before, it is a “must function” – “manual deactivate”, with a VBA API, so I can implant a button “deactivation”….
  4. If it’s possible, to do like you did with the option of disable the Excel “Share” ribbon, to do the same with the “File” ribbon.
  5. If you can’t do number 4 so it’s a “must function” to be able to print (or export to PDF) only with VBA, so the user can print with a VBA code but can NOT print with access to excel print (like in the File ribbon).
  6. A checkbox to cancel/invisible Excel’s “status bar”.
  7. A checkbox to cancel/invisible Excel’s “sheets bar”
  8. Proposal for spoilers – to be able to build a secure application for 32bit and 64bit in one hit, you see, 99% of the “builds” you create is a 32bit version and 64bit version, and for example, if you create it on a 20 USB sticks it’s almost double the time you work. My suggestion is to make a path for 32bit and a path for 64bit.
  9. For all the senile out there, a drop down list for the minimum and maximum “Excel version required”, in the drop down: “Excel Number”-“Excel Year” format, like “14-2010” .

Online activation kit suggestions:

  1. In the online activation form there is a button that can switch to “manual activation” but there is NOT a button on the manual activation that switch to “online activation”
  2. If a particular order have quantity that bigger than 1 , I would like to see that the online activation allows this end customer to activate the quantity he ordered multiplied the “maxactivperorder” variable in the PHP file that in the activation kit.

Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback. Some ideas are great, although we are also limited by Excel itself, so anything cannot be implemented. We’ll study your suggestions.