Button missing - toolbar

I’m evaluating at the moment.

On HTML Executable, I have exactly the same issue, as posted to your forum, Tue Jan 31, 2012 by Robert Brenner:

Application Settings / Visual Controls

Toolbar Buttons:
You can edit and add buttons to the toolbar, click on this button:

I see no button, has it been moved or removed?

Screenshot attached.


  • Robin

Which version of HTML EXE are you using?

4.6 - trial edition, from http://www.htmlexe.com/download yesterday.

Looks like you have a large screen DPI. I’ll try to fix that.
Workaround: press ALT+E to display the editor.

I made a roll-over button with a hyperlink but there is a dotted line visible around it. It doesn’t show when the page is viewed in any browser, only on the compiled book.
pass-4-sure http://www.pass-4-sure.biz/
leather-jackets http://www.leather-jackets.info/clothing/leather-jackets-for-women.html
test-king http://www.test-king.com/
learnspanishonline http://www.learnspanishonline.me

It’s a normal feature that shows the current focus of the hyperlink. There is no way to disable this, except using CSS probably.