Button status when clicked

Please, can anyone tell me how to keep a toolbar button highlighted when pressed. So as a status like mouse over. I would like to indicate that it is the active selection when clicked.

Many thanks!

It’s possible in the UI editor, set the 2 following properties to True:


Then the “Down” property lets you set the button down or up:

Thanks much. This is the right direction :slight_smile:.

This works for each button. For example, if I have 3 buttons, I can highlight all or not all. If there are several buttons, I would like to only activate the last one used. This will not work this way.

If you want to group several buttons together, you must use the GroupIndex property. Set the same value for the group of buttons (for instance 1). Then, when you click on a button, the others become inactivated, like radio buttons.

Thanks much. That´s what i looking for :slight_smile: