Calling script procedures

I have a problem that has manifested since downloading 4.8. This works fine with 4.7. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I have a javescript call as follows:

allnotestext = window.external.GetHEScriptCom(‘DiagAss.ReadTextFile’,‘none’);

This is the procedure in DiagAss

function ReadTextFile: String;                      
 T: TStringList;                            
 Filename := GetGlobalVar("exfname", "");      
 S := GetGlobalVar("HEPubStorageLocation", "");       
 MessageBox(S, "Second Demo", MB_OK+MB_ICONINFORMATION);     
 if S = "" then exit;              
 Filename := IncludeTrailingBackslash(S) + Filename;                                                                                                    
 T := TStringList.Create;                                      
 // Loads the text file.  
 // Gets the contents.
 Result := T.Text;                     

When I make the call in 4.7, it works fine. Under 4.8 the application closes.

Out of ideas or things to try at this end.

What happens if you remove this line?

MessageBox(S, "Second Demo", MB_OK+MB_ICONINFORMATION);

It makes no difference.

Would it be possible to reinstall 4.7?

Would you mind sharing your script with me looks interesting.

Of course although I posted the key part already. What else do you need?

We really would like to publish our script now and this is holding us up.

Is it possible to download 4.7 please?