Can access from other computer on one network?

Hi , i want to try exeoutput for developt my application,.
Can i access my application from other computer on one network from browser like mozzila/IE ?

Yes, if you know how to work with sockets in PHP as explained here:

You can open a port and listen to incoming requests. But beware of firewalls!

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Hello sir. can you explain me the specific option of firewall. im still in that situation where “target machine actively refuse it.” and i turn on and off the firewall, i dont know where the exact option to be aware of.

by the way sir im using network through wifi. now is it posible?

here is probs, any best way to solve it?

or do i have to read and adopt on how to make network using socket? huhu

Check the port you are using. localhost:XXXX

Yes sir. it works on my main .exe on my computer
but when i try to make a copy to pass on another laptop to connect withe main .exe, still didnt work

By the way sir. the screenshot i gave you was the problem on my second .exe which is on my laptop.

and the main .exe is working fine.

but still i want to connect them . please help

Between two PCs looks like there is a firewall problem or your network not allowing the port you are trying.

On the second PC you have to use the First PC’s ip address like instead of localhost.
I have developed a large application with a database where one main PC acta as a server and other PCs on the same Wifi can connect to this PC with its ip address.

You may also want to set a fixed (normally it is dynamic) ip address on the First PC in Wifi settings.