Can data be recovered if the USB stick the workbook is locked to is lost

I have purchased a copy of XLS padlock and want to use the secured workbooks to record our customer orders and invoicing etc. so new data is going to be added daily.
I have secured to a USB stick but what happens if the stick gets lost or breaks, would we be able to get the data back that has been added to the workbook?
It would cause a major headache if it became completely irrecoverable.

In next release, we’ll add a command to XLS Padlock so that project owners can decrypt saves made with the EXE file they distribute. For instance, your customers can send you their saves, and you can decrypt them to recover their data directly from Excel.

Until that, you can secure your workbook with several USB sticks. So that if one breaks, you still have others.

Thanks for your reply, I will do that.
Do you know when the next release will be?


September / October