Can EXEOUTPUT simulate the print.always_print_silent mode that can be set in Firefox?

I know that silent printing without dialog is a security issue for websites, but I am creating a piece of software to be stand-alone on a PC, using EXEOUTPUT. There will be no security issue as the user will be running it on his own PC, not from online. SO, is there a way in EXEOUTPUT to simulate what can be set through client browsers … such as Firefox’s “print.always_print_silent” feature?

The idea is for a user to choose a file, or multiple files, of music parts and send them to the printer. At this point, they would have to go through the dialog for every file … arrgghhh!

If anyone knows of a solution to this, I’d sure appreciate the help.


Silent printing is supported with Trident engine:

By default, the end user is prompted to select which printer he wants to
use. With the Trident engine, it is possible to disable this dialog box
by setting the hedirectprint global variable to “1”.