Can i update my system to all my clients using one button

Goodd day sir. can i update my system when i have something to update. then the user will just recieve a pop up if “they want to update the latest version?” just like how app in smartphone update.

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No, but an update feature is planned in a future release.


thank you sir . im looking forward to it

I had similar problem - for application (html,php,js) I’ve my solution exeoutput_update. The user can get the application only upgrade (if case of no EXE change is requested - i.e. no additional PHP library or PHP global settings are changed). Of course in case of new exeoutput is released new .exe is recommended due to new/updated libraries.


Nice hacking :wink:

Great work and thanks for sharing! Was looking for something like this last year before giving up on exeout. This might just breath some air back into my needs.