Can you help me to make my site work with exeoutput 404

hello ,
i have problem with exeoutput , when i build my app i can’ see images or use dirs
ex :
Resource Request: public\images\logo.png
Resource NOT COMPILED - trying external file
ERROR: public\images\logo.png

Resource Request: public\images\logo.png
Resource NOT COMPILED - trying external file
404 ERROR: public\images\logo.png

also :

PHP Error: Check your php.ini PHP installed extensions: Core, bcmath, calendar, ctype, date, filter, hash, iconv, json, mcrypt, SPL, pcre, readline, Reflection, session, standard, mysqlnd, tokenizer, zip, zlib, libxml, dom, PDO, Phar, SimpleXML, xml, wddx, xmlreader, xmlwriter, cgi-fcgi, curl, mbstring, mysqli, sockets, exeoutput, Zend OPcache PHP required extensions: bcmath, intl, gd, openssl, mbstring, curl

That will be complicate to help you without source code nor more info about your project structure. Looks like you did not choose the “public” folder as the source folder when you started your ExeOutput project.
Do you see the correct folder structure in ExeOutput’s file manager?

hey ,
thank you for replay , i try to build this source , (

and got errors as u see up , in normal xampp work well .

Thanks for the link. We tested OpenSourcePos with PHP 7.2 and discovered a problem in our implementation for dealing with virtual paths). This will be fixed in ExeOutput 2019. Here is a screenshot of the project compiled in ExeOutput 2019:

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how long 'll take to release ExeOutput 2019 ?

i hope there solution soon for my problem , i need it for my business :\

Released yesterday.

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thank you vm ,

there problem with : php_intl.dll

not loaded … on php 7.1-2 version

edit :
work after copy files : icu*** to exe dir

sometime this error up : ERROR: Access violation at address 0040D1AA in module ‘eeumeeee.exe’. Read of address 00000039

and this error :
Access violation at address 00000000 in module ‘eeumeeee.exe’. Execution of address 00000000

after i disable debug error i got this message :

Please use PHP 7.2. And which Windows version are you using? Make sure you have the latest updates.

i already use php 7.2 and 7.1 same problem ,
Windows 10 x64

last version Exeoutput 2019

Could you please send us a system report?

If yes do this to generate it:



Validate with OK and click Send Bug Report.