Cannot connect through network

My compiled application works fine on a local server but produces an error when ported to a client machine.
It says host… is not allowed to connect to mysql database. This happens when you are trying to connect to a remote server machine.

Thanks in advance

It looks like your remote server machine is blocking access to external clients. Make sure your remote server is correctly configured (port, firewall) to access external connections from your compiled PHP applications. Be sure to use HTTPS to transfer data securely.

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any sample of a topic about using https?

You’ll find one in our General demo that ships with ExeOutput. We show how you can use cURL to download data from HTTPS. Otherwise, just use URLs that begin with https:// in your app and you’ll be fine.

Hello Kato,

Can you share process to get your PHP app accessible through LAN.!


It’s currently not possible, since we are not using a web server to serve data to the Chromium engine. We are going to add this possibility in the future.

How then do some dude go about it?

Maybe they use a WAMP package in addition to ExeOutput?

Curious to know process of using ExeOutput for PHP with wamp/xampp server.

The idea is to initialize the WAMP and start the app EXE after that. Thus, PHP scripts in your EXE can access non-compiled PHP scripts through http://localhost:port/path to PHP script
As explained, we’ll offer the possibility to build server EXE apps and/or integrate a built-in external server to existing GUI apps, so that external apps will be able to exchange with a PHP app through the standard localhost:port

The integration of built-in server would be much appreciated.
Will this feature be available in the next update?
How soon should we expect this feature?


“We are going to add this possibility in the future.”

Is this available now?


Server apps are still under development and we have plans to release them in ExeOutput 2022/2023.