Cannot find how to get Commercial version of EXEOutput

In the building the “about” screen in ExeOutput, I cannot customize it complete without getting the message that I must purchase the Commercial version. I am missing something … I have been all over the GDG site and the ExeOutput for PHP site and cannot seem to find how to get the Commercial version for it. Any clues? Thanks, Frank

Is this what you are looking. If so visit the link and see for yourself.

Remove ExeOutput Branding
This option allows you to remove any visual trace that your applications were built with ExeOutput for PHP: for instance, you may remove the “Built with ExeOutput for PHP” mark displayed in the about box of your applications.

Thanks for that. That is what I want to accomplish. Wierd that all the documentation refers to getting the “commercial” version. That misled me. Your answer does the trick!!

Please contact us by email or PM if you want to buy the “Remove ExeOutput Branding” alone.