Cannot Import DLL

First I want to say - ExeOutput is a great program. We are close to our first release and will be purchasing at that time.

I’m trying your code from your faq: How can I minimize the window?
that looks like:

function GetActiveWindow(): LongWord; external "[email protected] stdcall";  

function ShowWindow(hWnd : LongWord; nCmdShow : LongWord): LongWord; external "[email protected] stdcall";  


procedure Minimize;
var hWnd : Longint;
hWnd := GetActiveWindow();
ShowWindow(hWnd, SW_MINIMIZE);

I get the error “Cannot import dll:user32.dll” on the first line.

As a test I also tried a script with just this line:

function GetFileAttributes(lpFileName: string): LongWord; external "[email protected] stdcall";

and I got a simular error: Cannot Import dll:kernel32.dll

I’ve tried calling from both javascript and php.

Thanks for any assistance you can give and
Happy New Year!!!

oh - as a follow up

What we are doing is gradually migrating an MS Access program to ExeOutput. And there are certain times when Access forms have the focus and we can’t allow our customers to get to the ExeOutput window.

So the plan is to hide the ExeOutput window until it is ready to get the focus back.

Thanks for your time.

If you wish to hide the main window, you could try:

procedure Minimize;

It uses the built-in code instead of a Windows API that may not be compatible with the skin engine.
Possible Values:
Normal: 0
Minimized: 1
Maximized: 2

Or even, if you work with the tray icon feature, you may use the built-in functions:
procedure TrayShowMainForm;
procedure TrayHideMainForm;

For instance:

procedure Minimize;


I can not minimize the main window in V2.2

procedure Minimize;
SetUIProp (“bsBusinessSkinForm1”, “WindowState”, “1”);

bsBusinessSkinForm1 doesn’t exist anymore in ExeOutput 2018. You have to try:
procedure Minimize;
SetUIProp (“main”, “WindowState”, “1”);

I left the same as your example, but it did not work, it crashes my application when I execute this function.

Just tested and it works as expected. How do you call the Minimize function?

<?php echo exo_runhescriptcom("Minimizar.Minimize"); ?>

That’s normal. It must be run from the GUI (for instance, with a button), not from PHP.
PHP applications are multi-threaded applications so the best is to use JavaScript or HEScript to change the GUI. Otherwise, yes, you can have crashes in some situations.

it worked out that way

thank you !