Cannot Open new file in .exe

I have the option allowed in XLS Padlock to let users open and save other workbooks, but I am unable to open another .xlsc document when inside the program.

Does the user have to exit and re-enter the program to open another saved workbook (.xlsc)?

It seems like the program should ask if they want to save the one they are using and then open the new one.

Yes, because we don’t allow managing several protected workbooks in the same Excel instance.

There is a solution: you can create a VBA command associated to a button that lets users choose another XLSC file, then you use the shell method to run the EXE file passing the path to the selected XLSC file. The EXE will automatically start Excel and open the other XLSC file.

In XLS Padlock 2019.1, we’ll offer that VBA API to open another XLSC file in a new instance.

Thank you. Is there something in the manual for creating this VBA? I am not familar with how to do that.

How long is 2019.1 expected to be released?