Can't add silent switches to external exe-file (SOLVED)


I consider to purchace ExeOutput for PHP, so I downloaded the trial version

I am using Microsoft Word 2003 32-bit on a 64-bit computer, and I can create a link to an external exe-file, and it works fine, but …

I need to send silent switches to the external exe-file, but I get an error about missing website when I add the switch

It doesn’t help if I try to add " on both parts of the filename and switch

ExeOutput Viewer Error

The following error has occurred.

Please press Back to return to the previous page or contact the author of this program for further information.

File not found: %22c:\temp\test.exe%20testing001%22

To launch an external EXE file, use the sample from the doc:

In the sample, replace “” in
RunAProgram(MyProgram, "", EbookPath, false, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
by the switches you want to use, e.g.
RunAProgram(MyProgram, "/s /p", EbookPath, false, SW_SHOWNORMAL);