Can't get Gspilt to auto execute via batch file (SOLVED)


Thank you so much for programming Gsplit… it got me out of a real bind.

I’ve been trying to get it to work as a batch file but it will not complete its task. Here’s my batch command:

c:“program files”\gsplit\GSPLIT.EXE “” -c-go-s-t-l “c:\stuff_utilities\gsplit_config\rets_split.gsc” “c:\stuff_utilities\gsplit_config\log\rets_split.rtf”

This command opens up (despite the -s switch) and then stops. It doesn’t appear that the .gsc file has been loaded since Gsplit points to the wrong destination folder.

Any hints on how to debug this problem.


I’m having the same issue. Did anyone ever respond to you? I suspect it’s user error on my part, a misplaced " or something similar. Did you ever figure it out?

In case anyone else has this issue. You can’t use “” in the command like the help document claims. You can either actually put the file name in the quotes or use " " with an extra space. Works fine now.