Can't receive Timestamp for Code Signing Certificate

Hello G.D.G. Team

I use a Code Signing Certificate from Comodo. I enter the *.PFX File in the appropriate Field of HTML-Executable.
When compiling, the Compilation-Log shows the following lines:

[quote]Signing the publication .exe file…
GSignCode – simple code signing utility
Copyright G.D.G. Software 2011-2012. All rights reserved.
Certificate: COMODO CA Limited ID von xxxxxx
Digital Sign API FAILED error code #-2147024864
Publication has been signed with success. [/quote]

When I check the generated EXE-File, it shows that the Code-Signing-Certificate is valid, but it has NO TIMESTAMP.

I tried the following URLs to get a timestamp (all with the same result):

What goes wrong here?

This error means that the timestamp failed. Can GSignCode.exe access the Internet? (make sure it isn’t blocked by a firewall for instance).