Can't share compiled php

I’ve developed a web application with php and compiled it using
exeoutput. After compiling this project, it works fine and opened
without error. But sharing it with another system using LAN didn’t
work. After I did the connection, I opened on primary system if opens
but on other system after launching it, it opens but showing plan
white… I mean it opens but not displaying anything.

I did some troubleshooting by creation a user in DB and gives all
privilege. Also use the main host IP as localhost. But after all the
troubles, it didn’t work.

You used LAN to share the EXE, did you copy the EXE and run it from a local folder and not the network drive?

After compiling it… I share the file where exe is located on main system and opened the shared file from ohter pc and opend the exe… I did not copied it from the host system but i created a shortcut on the other pc after opening the share file…

You must copy the EXE and place it in a local folder for EXE files made with ExeOutput v1.7.