Can't split text file

I’m trying to split a text file by nth lines and I keep getting this error shown.

The pattern is default of: 0x0D0x0A

How do I get this to work? Thanks.

Maybe the line encoding of your text file is not CRLF but LF only?

Hi. Thanks for the response. Not sure what CRLF or LF is. I’m trying to split up a giant website access log file. It’s over 500 MB in size and I want pieces in at least every 10,000 lines. Thinking the file was just too big I tried a few KBs of data and still got the same error. Here’s a sample of what that data looks like. Again, it’s a website access log.

I have used GSplit3 successfully in the past, but I don;t recall what text data I split.

My current version Info.


There are a little over two million one hundred and seventy nine lines. (2,179,000). File weighs in at 459 MB.

Try to enter just 0x0A or 0x0D.