Centering text on toolbars

Any time I create new buttons for the toolbar, cannot seem to find how to align button text center? A single word does align center - but multiple words that wrap do not, they always align left.

Have been through the settings on UI Editor many times but cannot find how to center text. Have searched google and even stackoverflow with no results.


Text is normally centered. Could you post a screenshot of what you are doing?

Traveling for a few days and will get a screenshot when return.

But, all I am doing is creating a button 50px wide and placing the text “Check Results”. Font size is 16 and there is no icon.

Text wraps but is aligned left like:


This is not an error, this means that the button was not enough large to fit the text. Make it larger than 50 px.

Error? I don’t think that was ever mentioned error:slight_smile:
I asked how to center the text?

Even if the button is only 50px wide and text wraps, seems like one could center the text.

Anyway, thanks for your solution…

That’s not how the button control is implemented :wink:

Thanks for reply.