Certificate Signing Help

I would like to know a few things.

  1. I understand that both EV and OV Certificates are for organizations. For me as a freelancer, what is the solution available for my XLS file as I intend to distribute it.

  2. Do I need to purchase two certificates, one for . EXE application and one for my VBA Code? Please clarify or does one suffice?

  3. If I either update my VBA Code or some properties (such as allowing users to save or hardware locking in XLS Padlock), do I need to re-sign? Pay again? Or whats the process.

Please clarify.

  1. For clarification, you referred to “my XLS” file. I assume you mean your protected (.exe) file? Also, I assume you intend to distribute the compiled .EXE protected XLS file via a download from a web site? In most cases email providers disallow distributing/attaching .exe files via email. If you distribute the protected file via a download from a web site I would suggest using the EV certificate. When downloading software via a download, users need assurance that it’s safe and that it is not malicious. Without an EV certificate, the user’s browser might flash a warning that the software isn’t trustworthy. If you do not use a install/setup program to package your protected file (the user does not have to run a setup program from their computer) and you simply distribute the protected XLS file via a memory stick for simplistic copy options, then using a costly EV certificate is option B. Google search “SmartScreen and application reputation” for additional information.

  2. Depending how you distribute the protected file would determine which certificate to use. If you package the protected XLS file within a Setup program and the user downloads the setup program from the web, the EV certificate is needed. For technical support issues you may want to package the protected file within a setup file using a program like “Paquet Builder”. With a setup/install program, the setup/install package correctly installs your solution onto Windows, which also provides an “Uninstall” option and allows you to code sign (OV cert) the protected file .exe and the uninstall program.

  3. Typically code signing certificates are sold with a annual expiration license. You pay for the certificate once and you can sign your .exe files as often as needed in that annual license. Every time you compile your protected XLS (.exe) file you would apply the certificate

Hope this helps.