Changing default folder used

Hi I have an application which has a main source folder called /castconverter (with an internal index.php acting as home page), however the purpose of the application has changed, so I made a copy of the castconverter.exop and renamed it as cast-desk-optimiser.exop and also copied and renamed the source folder from /castconverter to /cast-desk-optimiser, However, when I load cast-desk-optimiser.exop the main internal folder is still pointing to /castconverter. Is there a way I can change this, so it uses the /cast-desk-optimiser folder instead (all the files are the same as before) ? I guess at worse case scenario I could create a new application from scratch using the new folder /cast-desk-optimiser but that would mean I loose all the buttons/menus and macros I have coded for the previous application stored in the org. .exop file, and php settings, so would have to code them all from scratch again.

Hope you can help.

Just figured it out - you need to go to the build settings and select ‘Clone Project’ and make a duplicate project that way with new folder. Sorted.

Note: there is a small bug in version 1.7 where when you go to select the new default homepage (and therefore folder) it by default only shows .html based files, not .php, which is what you are likely to be selecting on exeoutput for php - you can select all files though so not a biggie issue.

PHP files will be listed too in next release. Thank you :smile: