Changing icon size in menu buttons

Can’t seem to find where to change the icon size for menu buttons in the UI Editor?

Need to use smaller size. Replacing with a small icon does not change and it become blurry so must be size setting someplace:) ?

Can you please tell me where to find?


Anyone got advice?

Icon sizes are defined by the TImageList component in the UI editor:

Change Width and Height. Then you’ll have to reload your images with the special editor (4th step)

Thank you! Totally missed that setting.

Works but really buggy.

If you set at 24px X 24px you must use exactly 24x24 PNG. If you try to use and PNG little larger, the image is cut off (does not resize it). Will not even load smaller image (say like 22px X 22px).

I call it “buggy” but maybe that is just the way it is.

It’s not a bug, it’s how it works. Your PNG sizes must match the width/height settings.

Where are these icons located so I can resize?

This may help you, just follow the 1,2 and 3:

I meant physically located on our computer. I could not find them in Program Files (x86)/ExeOutput for PHP 2021.

Never bothered to search. Used the route shown to modify with my own custom icons.