Check ie browser version

My HTML file require IE browser 11 support .
If the user computer don’t have latest IE browser he can’t view my content. And my application show blank page . So My application can’t run on normal computer.
So by using any user script can .exe determine the ie browser version on user computer and if it’s latest one then application will run and if ie browser is lesser then IE11 (less then requirements) then it’ll show message that require update internet explore and show the link which I put for user to visit for update internet explorer.
By this way they know they need upgrade .
And they won’t say that this application is not working.
Is it’s possible through user script or by other any way.

Thank you :blush:

This should be helpful:

I tried coding but
I am sorry, I am not good at coding thing .
Can you help me with this by making exactly coding I need

I only want if user open exe then if user don’t have latest internet explore 11 then it’s show that user need to upgrade the ie browser (with link if possible)
But if user has IE11 browser installed on computer then program shall run properly.(like normal)

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