Choice of Engines when compiling?

I read that you will be updating the engine for the software builder. I am trying to locate a solution where a flash website that I have will still work after the end of 2020 when flash is no longer supported in new browsers including chromium.

Will you have a way for us to choose trident even when you add chromium as a engine for html to exe compilations?

I need a solution that uses an internal browser where flash is still supported.

If you can work this out you will have a great many developers grabbing your product. There are many flash game sites etc that could wrap their site with your product and make it available to their website fans so they can continue to use their site after the main browsers stop supporting flash.

Yes, we are trying to keep Trident for computers which won’t have the new Edge-Chromium installed. You are also right, we’ll try to find a way to maintain Flash (probably through the Chromium engine and a local Flash PPAPI version).

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Thank you. This will be great. I can stop looking for a way to keepo my site live after the end of 2020 now that I found your product. I am still trying to sort out getting my site to fully work with your ebook maker. Once I do then I will get a full license once I know it will work for me.

Thanks again

I created a javascript redirect on a page called index.html

It redirects to https:///

I set the index page I created that redirects to a live website as my defualt start page in the app.

All I see is a white page when I open the exe.

I chose to create the app as (Built-In Html Viewer Publication)

I want to hide the location from the end user.

What could I be doing wrong?

Great job guys. Eagerly awaiting the chromium engine support. Love HTML EXE. Have been using it and PB for a long time now. Keep up the good work and please give us some good news on the new HTML exe!

That’s the reason: the Built-In Html Viewer Publication doesn’t handle JavaScript. Choose the Webbrowser/IE publication type or use the _heexternal target for links

Thank you. Here is a screenshot of the new version coming with Chromium (you can tweak the Chromium engine’s properties). It will be possible to choose which engine you want between Trident (and probably the new Edge/Chromium as we are working on it) and Chromium:

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WOW. This looks amazing! Can’t wait to convert all my apps using an embedded Chromium engine. Btw love the new interface, too. Great job as always.

So finally my clients will be able to see the animations in my apps with Chromium engine. I use HTML5. Sadly Trident engine doesn’t show most of the animations in my apps. Another advantage of the embedded chromium engine is that clients with archaic windows can still easily work with the apps. I have lots of clients who use Windows 7 or even Windows 8 (not 8.1). With Windows 8 they can’t even use my apps (aka refund :expressionless:) because they can’t install IE 11.

Guys please make sure in the new HTML EXE we still have the option to keep app data outside of the EXE file.

Thank you so much for all your efforts to make developers’ lives easier!