Class module generates error in the .exe file - SOLVED

All VBA program works well when I run from the VBA editor in my computer. But after compilation and testing in other computers, with the same configuration as mine (win 7pro 64-bits with MS Office 2013 Plus 32-bits) I receive the following message: "Compile error in hidden module: .
I use class modules to execute data work instead of modules. One module only for general tasks for the whole application. So I have a bunch of classes and only one module.
Please let me know if you have advice for this situation.

Question: did you use our VBA compiler or one of our VBA code snippets of the XLS Padlock user guide in your module?

No. Didn’t use the VBA compiler neither any snippet.

But what I did was, I removed all class modules and changed them into Modules. I am testing now to see if the thing keeps the same.

Guys, it is confirmed. XLS Padlock does not support class modules, only Modules. For some reason the classes can not be instantiated and all that UML and OOP like programming had to be replaced by another interpretation of OOP.
With the replacement to Modules, I could open the app and operate it.
Let me know your thoughts.

It’s a strange thing then because you said it works on your computer and not on others. Did you enable specific options of XLS Padlock such as VBA project lock, and so on?

Guys, this topic is CLOSED.
The problem was not about classes or modules.
Actually I did not understand the Manual item 9.3 (and still trying to figure it out).
I have corrected the coding to adjust to the XLSPadlock function for saving *.xlsc file but it gives an error “Variable not defined”. And in the manual there is no mention about this type of error.