Clone Project Issues

When you clone a project, the new project retains the original project application title.

For example, the project I am cloning from has the application title of “Stuff” I clone to new project and and change the application title to “More Stuff”.

When the cloned project is compiled and ran, in windows task manager it is shown as “Stuff”.

Cloned project does not compile the changed application title even though it is shown in the field.

Hope it makes sense. If not, just clone a project and change the application title. Look in task manager.

Another way to see is use software resource hacker. Under the “Version Info”:

VALUE "FileDescription", "Stuff"

This is a cloned project and should read:

VALUE "FileDescription", "More Stuff"

Not cool :slight_smile:

The file description under resources can be changed. But, it still does not solve the issue for me. Only way I can get it changed is to use resource hacker, but then it voids my code signing.

Ok, this is a real pain. Since my projects must use the feature only one instance at a time, causing me pain :slight_smile: Please look into this issue.

Try to change File Description too

Already tried that. If you will clone a software you wil see what I mean by looking in the windows task manager.

Please fix.

Maybe Windows stores the value somewhere in a cache, but do you see the updated title when you move the EXE to another computer?

That is how I discovered the issue. Users were complaining the software app would not start. Since I have to set software to only run one instance, the apps were not starting for users. investigated and discovered the issue. So it has been tried on 20-30 different computers because that is how many complaints I got before figuring out why.

I tested and it works as expected. Cloned “Test request” to “My test request” (changed app title and file description). In task manager:

The last one is the window title defined here:

Did you also change the window title?

Yes sir, sure did change.

I do not know what to say except my results and your results are not the same.

I have changed all appropriate fields. The only way to software file description changed after cloning is to use resource hacker. Then I have to code resign with another software.

Have tired them on both my desktop and laptop with same results. Desktop is Win Pro and Laptop is now Win 10 Enterprise.

When I get time, will do some examples which do not contain proprietary school information and share.

All I know is: it is happening on my end :slight_smile:

I have found a solution my problem when cloning.

Under “Resources”, I have the “Auto-increment version number during build” checked when cloning. Once I complete the clone and get all settings / paths correct, uncheck the auto-increment", build project. Then recheck box and rebuild. At this point the correct name is show in task manager.

Seems if the auto-increment is checked, the issue is easy to duplicate.

Thanks, we’ll take a look at that option.