Close the script window automatically

Hi good morning,
I installed the ExeOutput software testing, as I need a program that allows me to compile the PHP executable and leave. At the moment it is very well suited to my needs, but I have a problem I can not solve:
Compiled PHP scripts must be launched from “Scheduled Tasks” from time
to time as it generates information for online radio that works on the
same machine.
The problem is that every time you run it leaves open a new window. I tried to activate the Tray Icon, but all that does is leave minimized in the taskbar window. The important and essential to me is that this window can
automatically close once the implementation of Escript compiled php
It’s the only point I’m missing before buying the software license.
The radio works 24 hours, 7 days a week, and automatic launch tasks
will be many, and if it can not close these windows the system will
collapse with so many open windows.
It is very urgent to resolve this issue. Thanks for everything !.

I answered myself. After searching for hours, I found the solution to the question posed above:

Add this line at the end of each PHP program we want to close the window automatically:

//cerrar programa
echo exo_return_hescriptcom(“Macros.MacroExit”,“Error”);

Thank you for the follow-up