Close Window not working

The close window is not responding in the ExeOutput 2 beta is not responding, application has to be ended in windows to close it.

What do you mean by close window?

I mean when you try to close the application that is published using ExeOutput for PHP. The application window does not close. We have to do end process. Even the exit application does not work. Thanks

It is related to your application. Maybe some script is still running in the background and prevents the application from closing. With your application, it will be difficult to find out what could be wrong.

I had the same issue. Please see above. The code works in current ExeOutput production version but not beta.

Thanks webguy22. But not sure I am following. Do not see anything above about using plugins with Chromium?

It’s not a plugin issue. Click the link and go to the bottom of the post. It talks about a beta exe that has a jQuery process that worked in current ExeOutput but under beta can’t do a Windows close (if you click the X, app hangs and have to end process to close). Assume there is some sort of conflict that prevents the close. Maybe it’s related to your issue?