Code signing error 0x80190194

At compilation time, I get the following code-signing error. (The asterisks represent data I have deleted.)

GSignCode 2.1 – simple code signing utility
Copyright G.D.G. Software 2011-2016. All rights reserved.
Certificate Subject Name:*********************
Issuer: CN=Sectigo RSA Code Signing CA, O=Sectigo Limited, L=Salford, S=Greater Manchester, C=GB
Serial Number: ************************
Signing C:\Users\jmilb\Documents\My Poetry\Exe\aeiour5.exe
Signing Error - Code 0x80190194
Warning: code signing failed, an error occurred.

Compilation Successful

Go to the Environment Options, and enter
for both timestamp URLs.

Thanks. That worked.

I am getting the same error. But if I enter the URL for both options I still get the same error. I am using the Comodo certificate, it is valid until 21st May 2021.

I have the same problem. I cannot sign my pacquet builder package on a windows 10 machine with comodo certificate. I am using a pfx file which does work when using it in an xlspad compilation of an excel file on the same computer (using sha1, sha256 does not work). In a next step putting this compiled file into an install package the error messages as shown above comes up both for sha1 as for sha256. Changing the URL did not help. Any other ideas ?

For Paquet Builder, please contact us by email or ticket to get a fix.

For the first URL (SHA1), use

I have tried that but no success unfortunately

It’s for HTMLEXE. For PB, see the answer to your ticket that you opened.