Code signing failed - The specified network password is not correct

Hello! – I need to sign a paquet builder package and I’m using a PFX file with a password. I’m getting the following error:

Finalizing Package
- Generating internal resources for package...
- Compressing internal data...
- Merging data into the final EXE file...
- Digitally signing package EXE:
  PFX file: C:\Temp\signingkey-SHA2.pfx
SHA-256 signature used
GSignCode 2.1 -- simple code signing utility
Copyright G.D.G. Software 2011-2016. All rights reserved.
The specified network password is not correct.
Warning: code signing failed, an error occurred.
Closing the package file and cleaning memory...
Note: the archive file was stored in the temporary cache for future builds.

I have used the PFX + Password combination before with other applications to sign .NET applications without issue.
I originally thought that there was an issue with keeping the paquetbuilder project + files on a Windows SMB share, so I copied it down to my PC, changed the references to local file paths, and ran into the same issue locally.

On “Digitally sign package” I have the proper PFX path configured, the proper password, and SHA256 only specified (as it’s a SHA-2 key).

Any ideas?


Strange because this error is indeed network-related.
Double-check your code signing certificate settings in PB.

I double and triple checked these and moved all the files down from our SMB share to run locally. Still running into the same problem. Is there a debug mode or something I can run to figure out where the problem may be?

Unfortunately no, because it’s an error returned by Windows and it doesn’t give more information. Try to manually code sign your EXE file.