Code Signing Not Working from 'Build Secure Application' only Sign EXE button

Hi @gdgsupport and all,

I submitted my file to per one of the other blog posts about Norton or AVG throwing a fit with the program and I noticed it said my file is not code signed, which I thought was weird.

It turns out, it was not code signed, even though I have the option to code sign every time checked.

I verified it wasn’t signed by right-clicking and going to Properties:

So, I tried the button ‘Sign EXE File Now’ and then when I right-click and go to Properties, it shows a new code signatures tab:

Any clue why ‘Build Secure Application’ button to compile the app does not work to code sign, even though the cmd prompt DOS- looking screen does pop up as if it were code-signing?

Thanks for any help. While this is being fixed, I’ll just need to remember to manually code sign each time I compile the Executable.

Thanks again for brilliant, amazing software and support!!


Which version of XLS Padlock are you using?
The latest one has a log feature that lets you see which error could occur, especially during the code signing process.


I didnt see how to view the log in the help pdf file.



The last version with log option is v2019.

Holy cow! I didn’t realize I’m using an older version. I will fix that immediately and retest. Apologies!



yep. it’s fixed in v2019. Nevermind!