Code signing without exe

I know this isn’t quite in the right domain to ask but hope someone may have had similar needs and know the answer. I have a code signing certificate but in some cases would like to sign an .xlsm file rather than either code sign the exe or even a code signed installer via Paquet Builder.

Microsoft guidance seems a little unclear but my attempts in code signing the .xlsm file from the VBA window runs, hangs and then on exit always reports it as unable to sign. Guidance from Sectigo is far too painful to keep putting oneself through that!

Therefore may I ask if it is possible simply to code sign the macro enabled spreadsheet and if so can you point me in the right direction to some comprehensive guidance.

Thank you,


Maybe this can be helpful:

Thank you but this is the guide I have followed. When I get to the appropriate step 5 the system just hangs (no clue as to whether anything is processing). If you close the file - you’ll get “unable to sign” message. Am not sure whether leaving the “hang” status for any longer period of time would make any difference.