Codeigniter installation

How to use codeigniter code in exeoutput
Need help

I am new here plz need help for installation of codeigniter 3 using exeoutput

CodeIgniter 3 works without any specific tweaking. Just leave the base URL empty in config.php
or modify it like this:
$config[‘base_url’] = ‘https://heserver/’;
if you use HTTPS protocol as here:

I am getting this error ufter this
Call to undefined function mysql_init()

Can i get exact installation guide from starting to end of codeigniter3 with mysql data base

To set up a database server with ExeOutput, check this video:

You just forgot to enable the MySQL PHP extension in ExeOutput. Go to PHP Settings / PHP Extensions and enable the correct extension.

I have tried it before thats why i asking full installation guide step by step

I have tried it.
Plz solve my problem
I just need full tutorial of codeigniter 3 with exe output from starting to end

Need full installation of codeigniter3 code in exeoutput i have tried all methods.plz just guide me step by step

A step-by-step guide will follow one day, but currently, we are working on a lot of projects and there is not enough time for that guide. Especially, we are also focused on CodeIgniter 4 for ExeOutput.

I mean
Not that deep steps
Just guide from selecting codeigniter project
Setupping mysql then deployment etc
In simple text guide only

I also need help, i’ve converted codeigniter into exe file. but now i’m unable to upload images i need help in.

Can you plz tell me thr steps