Codeigniter issue with exeoutput php

I want to convert one of my codeigniter application in exe using exeoutput but facing
problem with version 1.7. I checked forum and found that beta version of exeoutput is ready for that. Is there any way I can check it before purchase because I am not sure my project will run on beta version or not.

You are now member of the Beta group. Look for the ExeOutput 2 Beta category in our forum: you should be able to see it now and access download links.

Thank you.
From where I can download beta version of ExeOutput 2? Can you send me link?

Does it work in ExeOutput Beta 2?

Dear Neelesh,
We are new to exeoutput and we have a codeigniter application that we want to make exe.
We asked the team in exeoutput if they can help but they say they don’t have this kind of support and advised us to hire a freelance.

Knowing that you used exeoutput for your codeigniter app, can you please help us transferring our codeigniter app to exe?
And if so, please let me know how much money you charge. i think it is a task of maybe 1 hour to do it with exeoutput but we don’t know how to use it and the documentation is a bit confusing for us.

I hope you can help.

Thank you very much
my email is [email protected]