Codeigniter with Exeoutput

Installed the trial pack of Exeoutput to convert the codeigniter project (live website to desktop app) and complied the files and its created the exe. When runs the application it says

The configuration file does not exist.

But the file is there.

Me selected the folder of my project and complied it. But the application window shows heserver/index.php. From where the url coming ? is the issue showing the error ?

We planned to purchase your product once runs fine with trial pack.

Please help me to fix the issue.

Thanks for your sooner help.

Justed retested CodeIgniter with ExeOutput 2018.2 and the basic sample loads:

“heserver/index.php” heserver is just a virtual domain used by ExeOutput to simulate a server.

Did you modify the folder structure of CodeIgniter?

No we not changed any folder structure.

our codeigniter uses 2.4 version . Is that is the issue.

Will u guys help to fix the exe we can pay you for it.

That’s why it fails, we work with codeigniter 3. It’s possible that CI 2 fails to detect the virtual path to the config file. We are checking what could happen.