Combin Xls Padlock with Paquet Builder


I want to release an EXE workbook with an installetion, the thing is that I want my end user to deal with less options as possible in the “Bit version”…

You see, I undersend that in the Paquet Builder I need to Build two versions, one for Win 32 bit, and second for Win 64 bit, and the same in the Xls Padlock one for Excel 32 bit and the second for Excel 64 bit.

A simple calculation shows that I need to manage 4 versions of the EXE:

  1. for WIN 32 and Excel 32
  2. for WIN 32 and Excel 64
  3. for WIN 64 and Excel 32
  4. for WIN 64 and Excel 64

Do you have a good solution for this issue that the end user will not deal with his versions and get lets say, only one file ?

Thank you.

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With Paquet Builder, it’s possible to package your two compiled workbook files (two EXE files) into a single one (the 32-bit version is enough if you don’t install to the usual Program Files folder).
We’ll publish an article soon and a sample project for Paquet Builder.

I’m far from being an expert in the"installetions field" but I think I want to install to the “Program files” folder because I want to hide all of the extra file’s that the Xls padlock create after saving (in all my projects I use “save changes automatically and load without prompt next time”) so the user will have only short cut icon on his decktop and that’s it.

What do you think ?

Sure, it’s possible. We already have a tutorial for installing to Program Files at
We’ll add new tutorials for creating a shortcut and installing 32-bit or 64-bit EXE automatically.

Untill you will publish the tutorials can you guide me here how to do it ?

i’m on the triel version and want to buy it immediately after I will see that this is what I’m looking for.

Remainder: I what one installetion file that automatically install the right versions (WIN32,WIN64,OFFICE32,OFFICE64)

thank you !!

In a next update, we’ll offer the option to combine both EXE into a single one through XLS Padlock.


Please can you do it

It’s scheduled but it requires a lot of work. So don’t expect it before 2018.

It’s available in XLS Padlock 2018. Please upgrade.

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Thank you!