Command line operation is not processing param1 when -c is specified

I am using the command line to split a file. The command is GSPLIT.EXE “my_filename” -c-g-s-t “my_profile”. Gsplit is ignoring param1 (“my_filename”) and splitting the “file to spilt” name specified in the profile in param3 (“my_profile”). If I make the “file to spilt” invalid I get return code 5. param1 (“my_filename”) is valid and exists. I am using version 3.0.1. What is required to get the filename specified in param1 to be the file to split?

Yes, this is a known problem. You should replace the filename in the profile by the file you want, or use a batch directive (profile can be specified too).

The split is driven from a backup program which issues a command line containing the name of the file to be split. The application is archiving large CCTV video files over the internet. Placing the filename in the profile or a batch directive will require logic to open, update, and save the profile. Besides requiring an extensive program change, which will be very specific to GSPLIT, where the backup is processing a number of files the overhead becomes large. I see there are a number of bugs on your “to do” list. Could you not do a commercial release with these problems fixed - these bugs are all around automation and automation implies commercial use.

John Agar