Command line - specify piece size


Is there a way to specify the filename and size from the command line? For example, ‘gsplit C:\3GBfile.bin -s 500MB’? (I know that -s is not a size option, but you see what I mean)

I know I can specify piece size in a profile, but as far as I can see i also need to specify file name. In my case, I would like to be able to specify the filename at run time.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



You can’t do it from command line, you need to write a batch command file as described in the help:

I’ll keep your suggestion to the TODO list. Thanks!

I have an other command line related issue, which I’ll add to this post as it’s related:

I have created a batch file as shown below:

C:\Temp\gsplitp\GSPLIT.EXE %1 -c-go-s-t “C:\Temp\gsplitp\cad_log.gsc”

I add a shortcut for this script to my Right-click Send To list on Windows 7, in the folder below.


So now if I right click a large file I get an option to select the GSplit script from my Send To list to split the file.

This works OK, however as the Original File and Destination directories are part of the .gsc config this limits my ability to split files only to the directories specified in the config file.

I would like to be able to use this option to split files in any directory I navigate to.

Would it be possible to have the directories as variables in a similar way that the filenames are, so that I could use the script as I have created it to split files in any directory using the Send To functionality I have set up as detailed here?

This is something I use extensively with other utilities that I would very much like to implement for GSplit, I am sure other users would find this useful.