Command Line to "Build Secure Application"

Hi All,

I’m looking for time savers with new versions of my Excel to EXE applications. I was able to create a batch file that builds 3 Paquet Builder files for me with a PAUSE command in between to ensure they are each successful.

Now I’d like to do the same with XLS Padlock so I can click a batch file and build any or all of my apps (as I edit excel versions frequently). It would be much faster than currently opening excel file, waiting for load, hitting Save once, XLS padlock tab, click button to open XLS Padlock, then click Build Secure Application.


Even if not batch file, is there a way to bypass opening the excel file and just only open the .XPLP file and clicking Build Secure Application?

Thanks for any help, and again - this software combo ROCKS MY SOCKS!!! Great job @gdgsupport and team!!


Thank you for your kind words! It’s on our TODO list but it’s not that easy because we have to deal with Excel too.

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