Command Switch -enterkey not working

I am using a button on the ribbon to allow users to enter a new activation key. In the past it has worked fine.

I recently upgraded to Office 365. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it not working now or not.

Currently it is just closing the application and not popping up the box for the new key.

What do I need to change in the code to make this work?

Sub newkey(control As IRibbonControl)

Dim RetVal
RetVal = Shell(PathToFile("MyApp.exe  -enterkey"), 2)
Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:00:03"), "AppClose"
AppActivate ThisWorkbook.Windows(1).Caption

End Sub

 Sub AppClose()


End Sub


uncheck “only allow one instance of the protectet workbook” in the security Tab.