Commandline does not work with 32bit EXE-Format directive file

I have a package template with 32bit EXE format, which is building fine. As soon as I use a batch file and a directive file, the commandline compiler crashes at startup (… stopped working).

My directives look like this (same settings as in PBPX file):

Title=ecscad 2015 OemX86 - Service Release 1
OutputDir=\DEDONSRV02\dedonfs01\Insthistory\Hotfixes\ecscad 2015\ServiceRelease1\Selfextract
Folder=\DEDONSRV02\dedonfs01\Insthistory\Hotfixes\ecscad 2015\ServiceRelease1\OemX86
FileDesc=ecscad 2015 OemX86 SR1

0=\DEDONSRV02\dedonfs01\Insthistory\Hotfixes\ecscad 2015\ServiceRelease1\OemX86*.*

I have the same combination PDBX and PDD with x64 - both PaquetBuilder and PB-commandline are working.
Does anyone have an idea?


I got it to work, but do not understand it completely:
The commandline compiler exe has 2 parameters, first is the directive file, and second the log file, both including the directory path.
My PDB directory path has no spaces, so I did not use quotation marks according the manual. The log file path has spaces, so I used quotation marks for this. In a batch, I called PBCmdCompiler.exe 4 times with the same paths, and the first 2 calls have been successfull, the other not.

Anyway, I changed the commandline paths and use now quotes for both parameters. There is no crash anymore!

That’s an unexpected crash reason though. Thank you for the discover! We’ll investigate into this.
I remember that we improved the command-line parsing code in a recent update, so I guess you can use quotes in paths without spaces too.