Compilation error- "EXE output file is locked..."

When I click Build Application this is the message I get, “ERROR The EXE output file is locked. Cannot overwrite it: make sure the secure workbook application is closed or check if a third-party software such as an antivirus has not blocked access to the EXE file.”

Even though the workbook application is closed.

How can I fix this? Thanks.

As said in the message, some apps such as antivirus scanners can block the EXE file while XLS Padlock is writing it. Make sure you temporarily disable your antivirus or whitelist the folder where you build EXE files.

When I created my first .exe file, I saved it in a folder on one of our servers. Now I’m unable to delete it or recreate it because of this same message. We’ve disabled all antivirus software. We even tried changing ownership of the .exe. But I still get this message:Screenshot 2020-10-07 111235

This means the EXE file is still locked by some third-party software. Unfortunately, Windows doesn’t tell us which one…