Compile 2 .exe files, changes in one .exe applies to other

I compiled one xlsm file to .exe file. Moved the .exe file to another folder and renamed it. I compiled the xlsm file again, and moved and renamed this file to another folder again. When I make changes to the sheets in the first .exe file, the changes are also made to the sheets in the second .exe file.

Are the .exe files linked to each other because they were compiled from same xlsm?

------------more testing ---------
I renamed the xlsm file, recompiled the VBA code, and compiled the file into .exe.
When I open the exe file, the 6 sheets are identical to the 2 other .exe files compiled and moved earlier, and not like the xlsm file that I compiled.

So I change the colors of some sheet in the last .exe file, save and close it. Then I open the first .exe that is located in another folder, and the changes I just did is there too. So all 3 .exe files are editing the same source???

You must give the other file a different GUID id then it should work otherwise you wont see changes to it those changes get applied to the same GUID thats why

Thank you!!!