Compile error unknown method - SOLVED

Does anyon know what this means or how to correct it?


“Unknown method or routine: ‘InitHTTPAction’.
Source position: 18,79”

Please uninstall HTML Executable and reinstall the latest version. Then recompile the ebooks that show this error.

Thanks for responding.

I downloaded the latest version (4.8?) about a week ago.

Make also sure to delete the HEIERUN.DLL file in the same folder as the EXE if any.

I have found the problem now, thanks.


I also have this issue when compiling an ebook.

"Unknown method or routine: ‘InitHTTPAction’.
Source position:

I am running the latest HTMLexe software

I have also deleted HEIERUN.DLL, but it makes no difference. the compile error persists.

Please can you help?


Hi James

Hope you are well.

I will have a look during the week.



It means there is a call to a routine that doesn’t exist for example:

S1 := InitHTTPAction(“”);

It will probably be in one of the dialogues perhaps userRegistrationDialog


Hi John

That’s exactly it. I searched through the scripts and found it.

Thanks for your help.