Compile generates old version of compiled Excel program


First of all, I like XLS Padlock a lot, great program!

Now for my problem:

Is there some place where I can setup the path to the file that has to be compiled. I’ve created a new version of my Excel model, but XLS Padlock keeps generating an older version of the compiled code.

E.g. I have Model V1.3 with an upgraded VBA, hyperlink, data.
and XLS Padlock generates V1.0, with different VBA, hyperlinks, data etc.

It should compile the Excel file that I’ve got open, but it generating from memory or a different source! I’ve tried changing the destination path where the compiled code goes to.

I’ve tried rebooting.

Any clues? Maybe I missed something obvious,

Kind regards

Make sure this option is NOT ticked:

Then you’ll see this prompt next time you run the EXE:
Choose Original Workbook