Compile multiple independent projects

Sorry, I am a new member. At first I could not locate the button on how to post a question, so I directly emailed support.

My question is: How do I compile multiple projects into a single file. I have a few projects each one independently compiled and running.
Each project has 10 html pages. Every project is identical to each other. The only changes among them are the colors and the skins. The reason for this differentiation is so customers can compare different looks of the same pages.

I want to create a file in which each individual project is shown as a header in the table of contents and each page as a child of the header. So all the projects will be reflected in the table of contents. Thanks. :?:

For instance, create a root folder: place all of your projects in subfolders (one project per subfolder). Then create an HTML index page that points to your different projects’ index pages. Compile everything and it should be OK.