Compiled file does not work on another computer

Good afternoon,

I did a project and compiled in ExeOutput for PHP, the executable on my machine runs a good, but when I copy to a thumb drive, step to another machine, it no longer works.
I am using ajax to send the forms, and the Trident engine.


Brenno Ferreira

Had a similar issue with ajax (not a form, but image uploader) and had to check “Create a portable version (runs on a USB stick)” under the output settings.

Maybe worth a try:)


Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately did not solve my problem. The most striking is that actually Ajax is posting the information, it is not only managing to read the return is json, to perform the appropriate actions, such as opening an Alert or redirect page.

The problem is that AJAX is partially handled by ExeOutput 1.7. AJAX in ExeOutput 2 works completely.
See workarounds in our General Demo that ships with ExeOutput 1.7.

Good afternoon, but the question is, why work on some machines only and does not work in others, given that I am using the Trident engine.

It may then depend on the IE version since Trident/MSHTML comes with IE.

Okay, one thing I do not understand how it works, the .exe file takes the PC Trident engine being compiled, or PC that is running?

The one of the running PC. We can’t ship the Trident engine for legal reasons.