Compiled workbook not opening saved file

Have a customer using using Excel 365 Business Version 1904 (build 11601.20204 Microsoft Store) on Windows 10 Home.

When he launches the application and selects original or saved file options… the loading dialog box opens and the loading dialog box just stays there and nothing else happens. The workbook never attempts to open.

I’ve had him restart no change, Excel version is current.

Compiled workbook was made with the 2019 release and set to work for Excel 2013 and later.

The Store version of Office 365 has some problems with COM add-ins including XLS Padlock.
Your customer should use the Click-to-run version of Office 365. He can get it from

Microsoft is also deprecating the current Store version in the future, having the new Office store app install the Click-to-run version, so it would be better for your customer to use the Click-to-run version.

Perfect… that fixed it. Thanks!